Top tech: five of the coolest gadgets this week

This week weve found the best drone yet, an extraterrestrial 3D printer, a cool stylus, and a game about making cars go really quickly. Check out our round-up of top tech!

This week weve found the best drone yet, an extraterrestrial 3D printer, a cool stylus, and a game about making cars go really quickly. Check out our round-up of top tech!

While were - naturally - obsessed with creating 3D worlds, the way in which these are built and made could be about to change... Rather than relying on complicated, hand-made renders of objects, were beginning to see technology which can sample the real world and turn it into a 3D rendering. Googles Project Tango is capable of this, and, to a lesser extent, so is Samsungs Project Beyond. It makes us wonder if the 3D industry is drastically going to change over the next few years - and also why every technology company is naming its new products Project something"?

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1. Samsung Project Beyond

Virtual reality headsets - such as Samsungs Gear VR and the Oculus Rift - bring with them new challenges as to how to create content. Project Beyond solves this with 17 cameras to capture a 360-degree, 3-dimensional video panorama of the world around them, which can be live-streamed to Samsungs own Galaxy Gear VR headset. The potential here is awesome - its small enough to be on stage during a rock concert, or strapped to the bottom of a plane for takeoff!

© Samsung

2. Made in Space 3D Printer

One for the far-flung future: Made in Spaces 3D printer has been installed on the International Space Station, and its the first ever device which can create objects in zero gravity conditions. Its purpose is simply to see how well 3D printing will work in space - but were hoping that the astronauts will print out some dinky 3D models of themselves while
theyre at it...

© NASA/Twitter

3. Pogo Connect 2

Weve still got no idea when Apple will officially release a stylus for its iPad tablets, but in the meantime the Pogo Connect 2 is more than enough. The $80 device is definitely one of the most fully featured weve seen, packing palm rejection, a hugely sensitive sensor, and interchangeable magnetic tips to create realistic brushstrokes and
fine lines. Want!

© Ten One Design

4. DJI Inspire 1

Most drones weve seen so far have been a bit feeble, which is somewhat inevitable given how new the technology is. The DJI Inspire is a bit more fully fledged, though - the remote-control quadcopter includes legs which lift out of the way so you can get the perfect shot, a camera which is capable of 4K video and 12MP photos - and, a rather nice $2,900 price tag.


5. The Crew

This Christmas, forget making small talk with distant relatives while feeling an increasing sensation of drunken bloatedness. Instead, while away the festive period driving Ubisofts beautifully rendered, next-generation automobiles at ludicrous speeds with The Crew. You know you want to!

© Ubisoft

6. Moleskine Smart Notebook

Scribble some words or doodles on the Moleskine Smart Notebook's augmented pages and then take a snap of them with your iPhone, and itll upload them to your personal Creative Cloud in SVG format - no matter how dodgy the light or which angle youve taken them from! Its a nice halfway house between a full-blown digitizer and a lo-fi notebook - and you can even use it offline. Pretty cool.

© Moleskine

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