Top 10 eBooks of 2015 (so far!)

Take a look at the top 10 best selling 3dtotal eBooks of 2015, maybe you will find something new to inspire you!

Take a look at the top 10 best selling 3dtotal eBooks of 2015, maybe you will find something new to inspire you!

Half of 2015 has already flown by; some of you may be suffering from that ‘mid-year' slump and looking to try something new. So here is a quick look at some of the best selling eBook of the year. You never know what might inspire you!

Art Fundamentals

What are art fundamentals? Why are they important? You will learn the answer to these questions and more inside this eBook, which is full of advice and technique tips from five talented artists.

"As always I found new ideas and working procedures in this eBook. I enjoyed the thought process of these artists I look up to, very well written in an easy to understand way. I would recommend this for the beginner as well as anyone needing a refresher.” 3dtotal customer

Image by Jesse van Dijk

Step-by-step Photoshop Environments

This book guides you through the process of making complex action shots in Photoshop. Three artists share their pro tips and advice on creating three very different but interesting environments.

"As I have read through this I have found some very useful tips on how to hasten my speed at creating environments. It covers some of the basics, but it puts them in an easy to understand format. It's always good to review the basics.” 3dtotal customer

Image by Richard Tilbury

Master Hard-surface Modeling in 3ds Max

This eBook shows you how to create an impressive vehicle from initial concept through to 3D model. Arturo Garcia lends his expertise and knowledge to help you improve your hard-surface rendering.

"I purchased this as something I can use as a refresher during the summer break from uni, at first look it seems well laid out and readable, with clear pictures & text, seems like quite a comprehensive tutorial. Also it's in PDF format.” 3dtotal customer

Image by Arturo Garcia

Speed Sculpting – ZBrush

A whole host of artists have contributed to this compendium of characters and mythical beasties. There are twenty different models to try out, including a tutorial on how to make this amphibious woman by Dalton Alves Muniz.

"The eBook was well done with plenty of examples. Couple that with the video downloads and you have great value. This was my first eBook from 3Dtotal but I'm sure it will not be my last.” 3dtotal customer

Image by Dalton Alves Muniz

Beginner's Guide to ZBrush

If you fancy trying your hand at 3D sculpting, then give this excellent introduction to modeling in ZBrush. You can make your own creature bust, from concept to final render, by following the detailed tutorial.

"I was hesitant at first when I saw reviews going back to 2010, but this is still worth the price because the tips and workflow are still relevant in the latest version of ZBrush.” 3dtotal customer

Cedric Seaut's Character Modeling

This is an in-depth look at how Cedric Seaut creates his marvelous characters, including organic and mechanical components. He makes use both ZBrush and 3ds Max, but most 3d packages would work just as well.

"Great product covers many techniques of modeling and 3D sculpture using an educational and easy way for even beginners!” 3dtotal customer

Image by Cedric Seaut

How to Animate Characters

This eBook is a fantastic introduction to animating characters in Maya. Camilo Duarte Franco shares how to create convincing character movement, including sneaking for all you ninja assassins!

"A very concise overview of character animation, with lots of interesting information that isn't contained in other books. For example, how to go from a walk to a run, or a walk to a jump. Interesting and useful material!” 3dtotal customer

Image by Camilo Duarte Franco

Design a Fantasy World

YongSub Noh shares the key techniques to designing a brave new world, which could be used for a videogame or film. This eBook helps you to design your fantasy environment from scratch in Photoshop.

"I am a great fan of 3D total and their e-books are generally very good. This is very helpful, inspiring and clear.” 3dtotal customer

Image by YongSub Noh

Concept New Worlds

Gerhard Mozsi shows you how to create exciting and out of this world new environments. This eBook covers the processes and techniques used in concept designing in Photoshop.

"An excellent collection of helpful information in designing environments. The inspiring artwork is also just as important.” 3dtotal customer

Image by Gerhard Mozsi

Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting

If you are new to digital painting then this eBook is a great introduction. Nykolai Aleksander walks you through making your very own digital painting using Photoshop. You will learn to set up your workstation, familiarize yourself with the tools, and even techniques that industry professionals use. So why not get painting today?

"A very solid introduction to digital painting. Helped me tweak Photoshop to fit my needs and made it possible for me to draw my first few paintings. Well worth the price.” 3dtotal customer

Image by Nykolai Aleksander

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