How to create 2D environments using 3D and VR tools?

Meet Leon Tukker, a speaker on the first season of masterclasses on the educational platform CGCUP. This artist from the Netherlands revealed his pipeline for creating realistic environments.

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How do cool artists make artwork? Where do they look for ideas and references? What programs and techniques do they use? How do they do everything so perfectly?

It’d be nice to see into the mind of a pro and learn all their secrets and hey, guess what? All CGCUP masterclass participants will have the opportunity to do this.

CGCUP is a new educational platform which gathers top artists worldwide to share their experiences, approaches and ways of thinking, to help you grow as an artist. CGCUP kicked off its first season of masterclasses with four episodes.

Leon Tukker, a concept artist and illustrator from the Netherlands, became one of our speakers. Together with him, CGCUP has prepared over five hours of content. You can immerse yourself in the style of the speaker, analyze in detail the creation of a piece from scratch to final artwork, and get access to Leon's speedpaints. You'll also enjoy the fun atmosphere, all thanks to our host, Spiridon Giannakis. Watch the episode teaser to see for yourself.

Leon Tukker's Sci-fi Worlds

Leon is a real environment creation guru. His works are easily recognizable across a number of art sites. Currently, Leon works as a freelance artist and has collaborated with major global companies like Netflix, Axis Animation, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing and Maxon (Cinema 4D developer). Not bad, right? Leon also won the ‘Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found’ environment design challenge on Artstation — that adds another 100 points to his awesomeness.

One of Leon's favorite topics is sci-fi concepts. Check out his gallery and you'll see a ton of fantastic cities, incredible buildings, futuristic ships and stations. All of them are characterized by great detail, which Leon achieves by using 2D, 3D and VR software.

Drawn on a Random Concept

In his masterclass, Leon shows in detail how his masterpieces are born. He also proves that he’s a brave guy by accepting a challenge from the Randomizer: he gets a random concept, comes up with an idea, creates a sketch and then prepares a complete artwork. The Randomizer is a real test for any pro — and Leon isn’t one to turn down a challenge.

It’s almost as if the Randomizer can feel the Dutchman's love for sci-fi because the prompt it gives him is to reimagine the ancient Mayan civilization in a sci-fi setting. Here’s a preview of what Leon has to follow:

"Conquistadors docked on the shores of America to develop the newly discovered lands, but the sight that greeted them shocked and perplexed them. There was no one around, neither person nor animal, but everywhere they looked, there was evidence of a great battle which had unfolded there in the distant past.”

In his final work, Leon shows what the Mayan civilization would look like if progress there had continued. After watching the masterclass, you can try to replicate Leon’s work by following his steps, or create an artwork based on a random new concept. The Randomizer challenge is available to all participants of the masterclass.

Pipelines of work with 2D/3D/VR Software

In the process, Leon introduced us to his unique workflow. Creating 2D environments, he’s not limited to traditional tools like Photoshop — his arsenal is much wider. Leon prepares object concepts in VR using Gravity Sketch, simulates a scene in Cinema 4D, refines it in Octane Render engine, and then transfers everything to Photoshop and paints over his model.

Leon also used several techniques, among which are displacement maps, octane scatter, volume modeling, motion graphics and textures. All of this makes his art very realistic. You’ll learn how to apply this pipeline to your projects by watching Leon's masterclass.

Leon Tukker’s episode is already available...

...and you can already see it on the CG CUP platform. Here's what you'll get:

  • 5+ hours of exclusive content
  • The full process from scratch to final artwork
  • Jokes and banter from the host, Spiridon Giannakis
  • The opportunity to pass the Randomizer challenge
  • Access to the Discord community, where you can discuss the masterclass, ask for feedback on your work, find lots of useful links and just chat with like-minded people

By the way, you can purchase Leon Tukker's masterclass for $39 before the end of the first season on November 1st. After that, the new season will start and his masterclass will cost $59.

Check out Leon Tukker's masterclass on CGCUP

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