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Escape Technologys Dominic Danson talks to us about the company and their event Creative Rooms...

Escape Technologys Dominic Danson talks to us about the company and their event Creative Rooms...

Celebrating its fifth return, Creative Rooms is back to offer industry professionals a chance to meet, learn and network with people of a like mind. Escape Technology has partnered with HP, Nvidia, Autodesk and more to bring some truly original and exciting experiences to this Junes show.

When we started it in 2014, it was a bit of a shot in the dark. It was something new for us that hadnt really been done admits Dominic Danson, Marketing Manager of Escape Technology. Little did they know that three years later they would be running one of the essential events in the CGI professionals calendar.

Escape Technology was founded as part of the training college Escape Studios, and eventually grew and split off to become a successful technology reseller and services provider for visual effects. Escape works with post-production companies who work on big feature films, from The Jungle Book to Guardians of the Galaxy, all the way through to commercials agencies, architects and games developers.

Creative Rooms came about after Escape noticed a discrepancy in the way the VFX community works and how its events are presented. So, as innovative tech companies tend to do, they went away and thought about the kind of event that they wanted to attend and, with the help of a few partners, built it for themselves.

We sat down and said lets have ten people in a room having a conversation that counts. Or fifty people in a room listening to a group of experts, whatever it might be well make it more of a conversation piece than anything else.

Now in its third year, the biannual event has been host to some seriously unique and unexpected talks and panels from across the CG, VFX and digital image industries. One of the many highlights of the last event, in October, was a handful of talks on architectural visualisation and the curious parallels with the film production pipeline.

Theyve also featured panel discussions on things like storytelling in VR from Framestore and Unit 9, a talk from the former head of Imaging at Technicolor with a whistle stop tour of the history of color in film and how its used for storytelling, plus behind-the-scenes presentations, one-on-one tech demos, training workshops, seminars from industry experts, panel discussions, and excellent opportunities to chat and network.

The idea is that everybody who comes will leave with knowledge that they wouldnt have previously had, something practically useful or interesting or engaging in some way, something that can enrich someones professional life.

This June will be no different, and features some equally intriguing sessions including Ron Ashanti from Atomhawk giving a behind-the-scenes look at the concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy, Andre Assalino, from MPC Creative, will be giving a talk about how they created the John Lewis Buster the Boxer Christmas ad, Duncan Lees will be giving a presentation on capturing and transferring set data into the digital world among myriad other sessions. Danson cant wait for the big day and the sessions hes really looking forward to;

The panel discussions are always my favourite part, because you have five people who really know what theyre talking about sharing things that they know. Im really excited about a panel discussion weve got called Understanding Light.

The event is very much about reaching out to professionals across a range of visual and digital industries and asking questions, inciting debate and getting people talking to one another. Whether youre an architect, a post-production company, a freelancer, an ad agency or a photographer; anyone can benefit from what Creative Rooms has on offer.

its about engaging with them on a level that they are familiar with, its about talking to them in the way theyre used to talking, telling a story that they might want to find out about and giving them some information that they might not normally have access to. Its very much more about the community than it is about us.

Escape Technology, in partnership with HP, Nvidia and Autodesk, is running Creative Rooms from the 6th to the 8th of June in Soho, London. Its totally free for everyone to attend; you can sign up for sessions at the website: Make sure to act soon, as space is limited and it fills up fast!

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