50 awesome sketch studies

We've compiled 50 impressive sketches to inspire and motivate you to fill that sketchbook! Check out this fantastic collection of doodles and drawings fromacross the web

We've compiled 50 impressive sketches to inspire and motivate you to fill that sketchbook! Check out this fantastic collection of doodles and drawings from
across the web


From life drawings to anatomy studies to coffee-shop doodles, weve put together 50 great sketches and observational drawings from across the web. Check out the collection below (in no particular order!) to get yourself in the mood for some sketching

1. Goodwill Fernando is an impressive graphite drawing by Brittany Schall.

© Brittany Schall

2. Great contrast and framing techniques are at work in this travel study by Nils Nihils.

© Nils Nihils

3. Anatomical details meet enigmatic symbols in this image by Andy van Dinh.

© Andy van Dinh

4. Matt Rhodes has been busy studying in this batch of figure sketches.

© Matt Rhodes

5. Normand Lemays life drawings are fun and full of energy.

© Normand Lemay

6. Floris van der Peets been busy sketching tech and gadgets.

© Floris van der Peet

7. Christine Bain channels her love for big cats into these dynamic digital sketches.

© Christine Bain

8. These 2-minute life poses by Violaine Briat show how much character you can capture with only a few lines.

© Violaine Briat

9. Sterling Hundley shares a sketch for a coloring book project by Art 180.

10. Catalin Lartists fluid lines create great texture and expression in this sketch.

© Catalin Lartist

11. Kwan Boon Choon studies felines big and small in these detailed sketches.

© Kwan Boon Choon

12. This drawing by Aires Melo is short on teeth, but long on character!

© Aires Melo

13. Zhi Wei Xiao brings the dreamlike quality of traditional Chinese art to this Honolulu landscape.

© Zhi Wei Xiao

14. Audrey Benjaminsen found some interesting faces lurking the backgrounds of photographs.

© Audrey Benjaminsen

15. Kerby Rosanes travels through Myanmar yielded some great sketches.

© Kerby Rosanes

16. Etienne Massot made this study with charcoal and coffee!

© Etienne Massot

17. Brian Jarrells made some brilliant pen studies of animals.

© Brian Jarrell

18. This rustic village was drawn in Prismacolor pencil by concept designer Juan Manuel Gutierrez.

© Juan Manuel Gutierrez

19. Art student Emily Chen has been keeping busy with these figure sketches!

© Emily Chen

20. Environment artist Edgaras Černikas presents a great selection of mountain studies.

© Edgaras Černikas

21. Pavel Goloviy used charcoal to make this characterful study.

© Pavel Goloviy

22. Architect Chema Pastranas sketchbooks are full of fascinatingly intricate drawings.

© Chema Pastrana

23. Rhea Dadoos sketchbook studies are delightfully varied and colorful.

© Rhea Dadoo

24. Scott Carmichaels life drawings show an excellent sense of mass and rhythm.

© Scott Carmichael

25. This charcoal hand is just one of many awesome studies by Pavel Sokov.

© Pavel Sokov

26. These nature sketches by storyboard artist Cody Walzel are brilliantly brushy.

© Cody Walzel

27. Bill Carman shares a peek at material from his upcoming book! He was also one of the 50 amazing artists feature in Sketching from the Imagination: Fantasy

© Bill Carman

28. Bold pen lines and bright patches of color fill Tin Salamunics sketch pages.

© Tin Salamunic

29. John Lee captures the spirit of a bustling bar in this sketch.

© John Lee

30. Kelsey Borchs workspace study uses red for eye-catching colored accents.

© Kelsey Borch

31. This sketchy skull was one of Derrick Dents warm-up drawings for Inktober 13.

© Derrick Dent

32. Andrew Theophilopoulos makes the most of a nice view with this landscape study.

© Andrew Theophilopoulos

33. Maja Wrońskas Market in Brussels combines dreamy watercolour with intricate architectural detail.

© Maja Wrońska

34. This study by David Smith captures great muscle form.

© David Smith

35. These hand studies by Phillip Lietz are both detailed and expressive.

© Phillip Lietz

36. More excellent hands this time by Naomi Chen.

© Naomi Chen

37. Sarah Buccholz depicts a wide variety of architecture in these sketches.

© Sarah Buchholz

38. Jaime Jones deftly portrays tone and posture in this figure sketch.

© Jaime Jones

39. Miles Johnston hones his 30-second life gestures into dreamlike illustrations.

© Miles Johnston

40. This sketch by Igor Sidwill Sid features deep tones and skillful hatching.

© Igor Sid

41. Valentin Meliks grasp of anatomy is outstanding in these male figure studies.

© Valentin Melik

42. Michael The Bone Doctor Mentlers fascinating sketch pages are full of intricate notes and diagrams.

© Michael Mentler

43. Urban sketcher Flafs Freie Zeichnereis prolific studies are a delight to
browse through.

© Flafs Freie Zeichnerei

44. David Mesguichs watercolor studies depict Paris as an eerie, monochrome
urban world.

© David Mesguich

45. Orlando Sanchez vivid sense of color really brings his figure drawings to life.

© Orlando Sanchez

46. Claire Hummel took Inktober outdoors for some rock studies.

© Claire Hummel

47. Paul Richards sketches depict form and mass with dynamic style.

© Paul Richards

48. Kellan Jetts sketchbook pages are full of intriguing lines and textures.

© Kellan Jett

49. Zhaoming Wus drawings capture great shadow and texture.

© Zhaoming Wu

50. This sketch by LiGang Zheng shows impressive shadows and textures.

© LiGang Zheng

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