3dtotal’s Dominant Birds contest – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Thank you to everyone who entered 3dtotal’s second themed contest! And thank you to XP-Pen for generously sponsoring it with prizes! Our second contest theme was Dominant Birds, and there were some great entries! However, there had to be a winner, and that is Arturo Gutiérrez González’s “Apex Migrator” entry. Congratulations Arturo! Take a closer look…


Let your imagination take flight! 3dtotal's second themed contest takes inspiration from the national bird-feeding month, posing the question, What if birds were the dominant species? Sponsored by XP-Pen. You can see all the entries here.

When the final entries were in, the 3dtotal team rallied together and all chose their top 3, and then from there all the points were tallied to find the overall final 3. Here are the winners!

golden banner

dominant bird large creature design

Congratulations to Arturo Gutiérrez, a Concept Artist and Illustrator at Efecto Studios in Colombia. Not only was the piece great, but it had a complimentary back-story too, which the office appreciated!

  • “I love the massive scale of this piece, it gives an impression of the world the creatures resides within despite telling us very little”
  • “The full tall composition of this one works really well to give a great feeling of scale and drama. Areas of color and contrast draw the eye nicely. The curve of the neck maybe looks a little unusual, but then it's a huge made-up bird, it can break rules. Great depth and scale!”
  • “I think all three meet the brief. First place shows more strength than the other two IMO, so seemingly more dominant”
  • “Arturo's Apex Migrator is awesome in the proper sense of the word, with breathtaking, ambitious scale”
  • “I adore the composition which really showcases the pure imminent, colossal threat that watches over the skies. With the piercingly observant steel-blue eyes, and the demonstration of the symbiotic relationships with the other smaller animals, this artpiece would work perfectly in a kaiju world!“
bird designer contest


Artist22R Pro drawing tablet

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little chick warrior
3d model render little bird
little chick 3d render model

Jose Manuel Tello Montes, aka Tellox, a CG artist and character modeller from Mexico, came second with his cute yet fearsome Gladiator. His main focus is working with characters and concepts where detailed and high quality pieces are the end goal. He works to improve his skills and learn new techniques, and believes challenging yourself will give you dynamic development as an artist. We certainly agree!

  • “Tellox's bird gladiator is a fun, lovable design, and loaded with personality”
  • “I feel Tellox has met the brief wonderfully, adding a personal style and personality to a whimsical, cute bird character, with lots of great touches and details.
  • “Tellox's tiny bird warrior is cute and a really well thought through character!”
little birdie quotation


artist 15.6 pro digital tablet

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bronze star
owl creature 3d rendered model

The third-placed winner is Dmitry Kremiansky, who used a concept from Jonathan Fletcher as inspiration. Not bad for a speed-sculpt!


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Honorable mentions

flying bird 2d illustration
Mythical Feathered Beast © Karl Ahn

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