3dtotal character design contest #1 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Big congratulations to Emily Ormerod who wins 3dtotal's inaugural character design contest (and £500 shop vouchers) with her fearsome yet cuddly welly wanger!

3dtotal Character Design Contest #1

3dtotal's first character design contest has closed and the entries are in. You can see them all here. There were some amazing and very creative entries - the task was to choose either Primate or Canine, and then combine that with Aviator or Sportsperson. The choice of winner was not easy!

The 3dtotal team gathered their thoughts and all had a say: which were our favorites? In the end, the overall winner was one with a creative spin on 'sportsperson' - a welly-wanger. (Read all about this English tradition here.) Congratulations to Emily Ormerod and her Canine Welly-Wanger, complete with images showing her process.

FIRST PLACE: Canine Welly-Wanger by Emily Ormerod

From the team:

Really great execution with a vintage vibe that works really well with your wellie wanging theme. Beautifully painted with a great warm light - very well done!

Love seeing the sketching ideation, and the character design of the 'welly wanger' right down to the bushy eyebrows and the beefy sheepdog idea is spot-on.

A fun, memorable concept, well rendered and with brilliant development work behind it!

Great character design and action pose, a future olympian right there!


SECOND PLACE: Gelada Torero by Ashley Allen

From the team:

Calm and calculated, this confident matador is in control and full of personality.

Love the use of the texture brush strokes that help imitate the furry textures of this primate. The mixture of the dynamic pose in conjuction with the backlighting really helps sell the scene.

I love how the animal suits the sport they are playing. Very dramatic, the cape and the tufts of white hair really sell the idea that this is an eccentric old man who enjoys fencing.


From the team:

A great sense of movement and a cool attitude.

Love the textures and brushstrokes and colors.


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