10 awesome cartoon creations from 'Digital Art Masters'

A pick of some of our favorite cartoon images from the Digital Art Masters series to brighten up your day and motivate you to create!

A pick of some of our favorite cartoon images from the Digital Art Masters series to brighten up your day and motivate you to create!

We've covered characters, fantasy scenes, and sci-fi so far, so now we're taking a look back through the best cartoon images from the inspiring Digital Art Masters series. We hope you enjoy them – feel free to let us know which your favorite ones are on Twitter @3dtotal – use #digitalartmasters!

1. Level 10 by Toni Bratincevic, Volume 9

The rough sketch of what would later become this bright and exciting image was actually done a few years before Toni Bratincevic went on to complete it in 3ds Max, ZBrush, Fusion, V-Ray, and Photoshop.

© Toni Bratincevic

"I wanted to show how happy, exciting and magical childhood is and how playing games during the 1980s felt”

2. Life is Messy by Wanchana Intrasombat, Volume 9

After posting this illustration online, Wanchana Intrasombat received a lot of positive feedback and it resulted in a number of studios from around the world contacting him. We can certainly see why! Created in Photoshop.

© Wanchana Intrasombat

"The important thing when designing characters is that each character's personality and responsibility in the story is clear”

3. Duality by Valentina Remenar, Volume 8

Moving onto manga, the talented Valentina Remenar created this stunning piece using mainly Photoshop, as well as Corel Painter to smudge parts of the background with a Dry Palette knife. Beautiful! To see more by Valentina Remenar, check out Beginner's Guide to Creating Manga Art

© Valentina Remenar

"To make the character on the right half different, I made their face darker and changed the colors by adding more gray with the Gradient tool and using a few layer modes”

4. General by Bruno Jiménez, Volume 7

Another example of an artist returning to a rough sketch idea and developing it into a finished character. It proves how important it is to keep a sketchbook and to not throw any of your ideas away – even if you're not keen on them initially! Created in ZBrush and 3ds Max.

© Bruno Jiménez

"This piece was an exercise and a way to find my own style”

5. 1978 by Andrew Hickinbottom, Volume 6

Each section in the later volumes of Digital Art Masters is introduced by a renowned artist related to that genre. In volume 6 we were lucky enough to have the pin-up extraordinaire Andrew Hickinbottom gives us his insight on cartoons and why they are so popular. You can see more of Andrew Hickinbottom in 3ds Max Projects.

© Andrew Hickinbottom

"They are a break from reality and not only amuse us, but also have the ability to inform, enthral, shock, titillate, sadden or surprise us due to the increasingly inventive ways in which their creators push and explore the medium”

6. Steamnocchio by Fabricio Moraes, Volume 5

Fabricio Moraes decided to give the traditional tale of Pinocchio a twist for a CGSociety challenge by turning the marionette into a mechanical steam robot using 3ds Max, Mental Ray, ZBrush, and Photoshop.

© Fabricio Moraes

"In all stages of the creation process I was worried about the balance and simplicity, as the final result had to be easy to understand”

7. Home Sweet Home by Iker Cortázar, Volume 4

Of course, sometimes cartoons can portray an important message while still being humorous. This is the effect of Iker Cortázar's poor toucan, created using Maya, Photoshop, and Mental Ray.

© Iker Cortázar

"My intention was to create a sad and slightly cruel story, but with a touch
of black humor”

8. Brothers? By Fran Ferriz, Volume 3

This image came about from the concept a single image portraying a joke with no animation or text explaining anything. Franz Ferriz wanted the characters to say everything with just their eyes – we think he has certainly achieved this!

© Fran Ferriz

"After making several sketches on the idea I chose to make the characters as simple as possible, concentrating solely on their eyes and their expressions”

9. White Teeth by Jonathan Simard, Volume 2

Jonathan Simard's basic concept for this piece was to make a character with a very large smile occupying more than half of the character's head. The end result is sinister, to say the least!

© Jonathan Simard

"All I wanted for the end result, was an original character with a unique style, and big, white teeth...”

10. Romance in the Garden by Jorge Adorni, Volume 1

Jorge Adorni used Maya and Photoshop to create this amusing love scene!

© Jorge Adorni

"I use a few layers to provide a very slight dirtiness over the characters, such as floating particles in the air and a little bit of a film grain”

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