3dtotal character design contest #2 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

3dtotal's second character contest theme was "Modern day witch or wizard," and boy, did our entrants not disappoint! But there can be only one winner. Flying away with £500 of shop vouchers is Carlos Jaugeon, with "Spell Delivery Inc." Congratulations!  "Nowadays you can order almost anything online. Why not some witchcraft at your doorstep?"

Second was "When the broom is broken" by  Zoé Prokofieva, and third was "Modern VS Tradition by Loïc Mathonet, each coming away with £250 and £100 in shop vouchers respectively.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

2d illustration brown palette modern witch fantasy design

From the team: We loved the stylized nature of this one; the colors are fantastic and the details  impressive. It all builds to a great chemistry of ideas.


3d model modern witch motorbike scoot flying

From the team:  It's a fun concept brought together well with good use of materials and lighting, while literally highlighting the advantage of being a modern day witch.  A great pose and loads of fun, characterful details to enjoy. Plus a hairless cat!


2d illustration moon design render girl witch fantasy

From the team: This was a fun piece, and an excellent idea to contrast the old with the new. The lines are clean and the colors crisp. Great work!


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