Meet the team

Our products benefit from the enthusiasm, imagination, and innovation of our friendly and professional team. The pride we take in our work encourages us to continue to improve and advance our efforts to help artists, which in turn means that our products will continue to go from strength to strength.

Tom Greenway

Managing Director

Tom was twenty-five when he discovered CG on a multimedia course at college. This was back in 1999 and has been growing steadily ever since. In the last few years Tom has become very interested in the work that can be done with 3dtotal profits, helping charities such as Cool Earth and Giving What We Can. Environmental topics are of particular interest, from the protection of the rainforests to managing his own small patch of woodland here in the UK.

Simon Morse

Studio Manager

Simon’s love of books and lifelong interest in art mean that every day he wakes up looking forward to the working day ahead of him. A continual desire to understand and appreciate the content that 3dtotal and Canopy Press publish has led to him trying his hand at many traditional and digital art forms as well as having a go at spoon carving and chair making. When he’s not at work, Simon will be found with his two amazing children, either drawing or building a fort.

Melanie Robinson

Assistant Manager

With experience of working for both academic and educational publishers, Mel still can’t believe she has found a job that combines a passion for creativity, books, and well-being. The Sunday-night blues are long gone – it is possible! Striving for high quality across the board, Mel enjoys working with the lively 3dtotal team to make books that are informative and nice to look at. She also likes things made from pallets and a good garlic-stuffed olive.

Becky Grove

Advertising Manager

Becky started working at Total Towers in 2017 with more than fifteen years of advertising experience under her belt. Originally from the beautiful county of Cornwall, she loves beaches, pasties and – of course – cider. Becky has always had a passion for art and drawing having studied Communications and Art at university, although she rarely finds the time for it nowadays with two young daughters keeping her busy.

Isabel Harridence

Marketing Coordinator

Isabel joined the 3dtotal team in 2018, having always loved art but remaining “artistically challenged” herself. She enjoys being able to work closely with 3dtotal’s imprint Canopy Press, and taking advantage of the team’s baking skills.

Jenny Fox-Proverbs

Publishing Manager

Jenny has been a book and magazine editor since 1999, with a focus on arts and crafts – achievements include sexing-up knitting and curating the coolest quilters. She has also worked on in-depth guides to horse psychology, keeping chickens, and David Beckham’s paparazzi shots. Combined with a degree in psychology plus fan-girl levels of love for Agatha Christie, this means that Jenny can teach you to sew, hypnotize a chicken, and then beat you at Cluedo all in one afternoon (probably).

Marisa Lewis


Marisa graduated from university with an MA in creative digital media with a focus on illustration, and loves to create, look at, and write about art. She has been a full-time member of 3dtotal’s editorial team since 2014, and has now worked on a wide range of publications related to 2D, 3D, and traditional art. She likes books, video games, TV, and music by what Simon calls “gaunt old rock stars.”

Sophie Symes


With a passion for all aspects of the art, craft, and design world, Sophie was excited to continue her editorial journey as part of such a lovely tight-knit team of creatives. When she’s not losing herself in making or reading a good book, she crafts contemporary art jewellery and sculpture and enjoys frolicking in the local woods with her manic cocker spaniel, Laika.

Kinnor Wroughton


With a background in publishing and advertising, Kinnor originally started work as Advertising Manager at 3dtotal back in 2015, but having watched the rest of the office produce such interesting and beautiful books every month she grabbed the opportunity to be part of it and now works as an Editor, currently taking care of the “Art of” collections.

Adam Smith

Publishing Coordinator

As well as being 3dtotal’s Publishing Coordinator and customer service point of contact, Adam’s passion lies with the written word. He has written horror and sci-fi novels and short stories, and regularly writes book, film, and TV reviews on his blog.

Imogen Williams

Lead Designer

Imi originally started working at 3dtotal as a student after graduating. She then worked at a number of design and marketing companies on branding, web design, and various other campaigns for a wide range of clients, before finally settling back at 3dtotal in 2013. She has a keen interest in stationery and anything paper related so publishing is a great fit. Outside work she enjoys gin tasting, crafting, and loves a spin class!

Matthew Lewis


Matt first began his affiliation with 3dtotal towards the end of 2005 when he joined the company as a part-time designer while studying at the local art college. After a stint in Cardiff, Wales, where he completed his degree in Graphic Communication, he returned to Worcester – and the 3dtotal team – to take a full-time position on the design team.

Joe Cartwright


Joe joined the 3dtotal family full-time in 2016 after helping out as a highly valued temp for several months. Among the many projects that he works on he enjoys producing and editing videos the most, followed closely by designing some of our latest books. His likes include his record collection and a good pun, but he knows where to draw the line.

Ella Malin


Ella joined 3dtotal part-time in June 2018, after completing a Graphic Design degree at Hereford College of Arts. She enjoys seeing live music, hand-made crafts, and has a passion for photography, especially if it involves animals!

Tristan Rowley

IT Manager & Web Developer

A long-term computer geek, thrilled to be in charge of the SysAdmin/WebDev/IT-dogsbody duties for 3dtotal, and constantly amazed by the outstanding quality of the technology and digital art out there, Tristan wishes that these amazing tools and helpful resources had existed back in 1995 when he was struggling to learn the ropes on DeluxePaint and Imagine 3D on his trusty Commodore Amiga!

Rob Howard

Post-room Assistant

No-one really knows where Rob came from. He showed up at the 3dtotal offices one day and just started working. He must be doing okay though because he hasn’t been asked to leave yet; maybe the rest of the staff are too afraid of him? Rob has myriad responsibilities around the office but can frequently be found lost among boxes of anatomy figures in the basement. In his spare time he makes weird multimedia artworks in resin, pottery, and ceramics.

Greg Carslaw

Game Designer

Greg has been designing games since childhood and likes to think he keeps improving. He took a brief break to get a doctorate in psychology but soon decided that bringing people joy was more rewarding than analyzing it. Now he spends his time cooking up games that he thinks will delight people, writing the 3dtotal Games design blog, and occasionally visiting universities to give talks on the subject.