Narrative Designer

For Nixxes Software in Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Permanent

Job Description

We're looking for a highly collaborative, passionate and skilled Narrative Designer who will be responsible for creating and implementing narrative content in close collaboration with our game designers. The Narrative Designer will also write dialogue and in-game text, as well as manage audio files.

Essential Duties:

  • Develop stories with compelling, multifaceted characters consistent with the project vision.
  • Conceive scenarios, missions, and objectives that are tied to larger story goals.
  • Write and edit dialogue, enemy barks, objective text, and other narrative content.
  • Own the function and presentation of in-game narrative content.
  • Implement narrative content using proprietary game development tools.
  • Maintain dialogue asset pipeline and management of scripts.

Competencies, Skills & Knowledge:

  • Communicates with directness/candor and is adept at conflict resolution
  • High standards of respect and values strong teamwork
  • Adapts swimmingly to changing circumstances
  • Positive thinker with an ambitious drive towards quality and success

Essential Requirements:

  • Ability to realize characters through concise, evocative dialogue.
  • Experience creating and implementing narrative content for interactive experiences.
  • Experience with code-based tools and scripting languages.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to process and react to feedback from multiple sources.

Portfolio submission is required for this position. Please submit two samples demonstrating your interactive narrative design work. These can be videos of game content you’ve worked on or scripts/samples of your interactive writing.

Samples should represent your best work. Avoid prose such as short stories or character descriptions. A grounded, modern tone is most relevant to our interests.


  • Experience in a professional writing/editing capacity, preferably focused on creating narrative game content.
  • Experience on a shipped (AAA) game title as a narrative designer/game writer.
  • Understanding of story structure.
  • College degree in screenwriting, creative writing, or equivalent.
  • (Native) Dutch speaker

How to Apply

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