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Resident Evil: Retribution - Teaser Trailer

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Date Added: 19th January 2012
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Munkybutt's Avatar
MStandar (Forums) on Sat, 21 January 2012 6:00pm
I agree with Jack.This can be a somewhat good and watchable film, but it probably won't be a memorable one, it will just be one of these, action packed special effects movies. hollywood tends to pump out nowadays. Sure people will watch it, no doubt on that. but I dont have my hopes too high on this one.
Munkybutt's Avatar
MonteCristo (Forums) on Sat, 21 January 2012 5:52pm
Here's my quote for the day, and I can bet you'll be applying it to so may of the movies you'll see this year..."When everything is epic, nothing is."-- Jack OakmanThere you have the reason why so many of these spectaculars immediately make people yawn. Transformers, Pirates.... the list goes on. On Stranger Tides was a prime example. I have never seen so much happening and been so bored. And watch out for the important-sounding music playing when nothing is actually happening. That's getting really old, too. Any Michael Bay or Bruckheimer affair is like this. Just watch Pirates and ask if half the music needs to be there, or whether they are just trying to imbue the flick with more gravitas than it actually merits.Hollywood needs to rein in the eye candy and start being a bit more cerebral about how they make these blockbusters. Indiana Jones was good on so many levels: it was charming, and tongue-in-cheek, the script was sound, so when the 'spectacle' stuff occurred, the audience actually gave a sh*t about the characters it was happening to.I doubt the same will be true of this.
Munkybutt's Avatar
Freespace-3DT (Forums) on Sat, 21 January 2012 4:43pm
[QUOTE=aninast;902430]Why people hate american movies?Here you have an example.[/QUOTE]I don't see the problem with this movie. I'm looking forward to it.
Munkybutt's Avatar
Nupsi (Forums) on Sat, 21 January 2012 2:34pm
Maybe not the best movie ever made, but man.....Milla doesnt get older, she just get prettier! And saying "people hate american movies" is just bs ;PBest regardsNupsi
Munkybutt's Avatar
Aninast (Forums) on Sat, 21 January 2012 10:59am
Why people hate american movies?Here you have an example.
Chris on Fri, 20 January 2012 11:25pm
Why are they using a Tron: Legacy theme? It makes the whole teaser feel like a mashup put together by an amateur.
Synaps3 on Fri, 20 January 2012 11:21am
WHy the heck did they have to go rip off Tron2's soundtrack? Arn't there any angry rock groups they could've used..
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