This lighting reel represents a collection of cinematic shots I participated as a cinematic lighter for "The Last of Us Part II" at Naughty Dog.
For the cinematic lighting artist at Naughty Dog, every shot assigned to me had to communicate all the departments, such as a character, an environment, a level lighting, a graphic engineer, a game designer, and a technical artist and a QA. Naughty Dog does not have a producer, so I had to kind producing shots to ask every department for fixing and correcting. It wasn't easy to asking around them from busy environment, but everyone worked with me was helpfully cooperated, easy and precisely. It was a great team work.
About the description of the reel, all the shots I had to composite using a couple different Naughty Dog custom built programs and tool kits. I had to constantly communicate with the art director, John Sweeney, following his direction. All the shots created from tremendous "trials and fails" to achieve the final point, but I learned a lot of information from them. I put demonstrated as "Light On" and "Light Off" for showing shots kind of after and before effect for having light on the shot or not.
For more deeply explaining on processing the shots, I started with baked level lighting created from the level lighters. The communication between the level lighters was extremely important, because if the level lighters changed a value or a tone of the shots or the scenes, They were immediately effect on the shots and changed a a value that I lighted and composited, so I had to update and to change following the level lighting value. It was rapidly changed process, which I had to adapt it.
And then, I used Naughty Dog made spot light to give more dramatic scene lighting for the shots.
It is absolutely team works and efforts making the art of work. I was luck that I could work with extreme talent people at Naught Dog.

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