Tarzanby Fabio Paiva

Hey all! What started just as an anatomy study during lunch breaks turned out to be a big project to me. I used Tarzan as my main inspiration for this study. The anatomy is a bit extreme/unrealistic on a few areas but I really like the feel it gives to the sculpt. I also took the chance to finally learn Mari and how to use UDIM uv maps, and I was pleased to know that ZBrush handled it quite well. So for his body I am using 22 patches with 1k size each (2k or 4k was taking too much time. No need for this project). And some crazy nodes over max, but it really works. It was the most time consuming project I ever did but I learned so much with it that I feel no regretss lol Hope you like it as well! Thanks!

Staff pick for 24th February 2016

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