'Thom Yorke Charicature'by AndyH

I've been inspired by some caricature art recently and spent 3-4 days working on this image of the lead singer of Radiohead's very charismatic face. My lack of experience with caricature art has meant that the likeness could be a lot better, but I'm very pleased with the result as it was very quick to do, and I was able to learn a little about Mental Ray's materials and final gathering to produce a 'proper' looking render that I felt I have been unable to achieve in the past. I felt like I have achieved and learnt something by doing this - a feeling I haven't had for some time now. It is entirely 3D with some minor colour control and level alteration in Photoshop. Textures were all cut and pasted from various high-res photos of Thom Yorke. Stubble & eyebrows were generated using Max's hair plugin, then turned to geometry.

Staff pick for 30th September 2008

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