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Oh! Many cats here When I was young, I have often walked through a place that is full of stray cats because everyone around me hated cats therefore many cats were left at the rusty old car where they can rest, keep out the rain and breeding. I grew up with the culture of hate cats, its sound like spooky, smelly shit, paranoid and unfriendly that make me never want to love cats. Moreover there was a question in my head that why some people love cats, what?s so good? But one night of heavy rain, I heard a cat cry from the backyard. I ran through the rain to see and I met a black kitten that I think it was abandoned. I hesitate to keep it as a pet because I don?t like cat and my parents would not allow to raise it. But with a pity, because it looked skinny and dirty, I decided to look after this cat and I named it that Takeshi Saosakoi, I raised it like a family and because of its intelligence and cuteness that make everyone loved it. It was the first cat I raised, I feel love and had a close relationship with it so much. Finally, I have learned that the cat was a good pet and today, I got the answer why many people love cat, cat and cats!!!!!

Staff pick for 20th October 2014

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