051115 docking bayby robob3ar

- started with product design, and lately daily 3d, abstract and whatever comes into mind or whatever I see I try and emulate in my own interpretation - by doing a daily more than a month, coming up each and every day with a different concept, things start to happen, ideas popping, fusion of ideas and previous work.. - it's just an exercise one day - a great piece another, once you feel the flow, is when magic happens - now I became addicted to the flow, I cannot reach it every time, but it gets better every time .. - I'd say this work is representing my very latest flow - totally made without reference, used one or two older models I've built, spacecraft and the two pillars, combined with numerous quick and dirty tricks so I can finish this piece in under 5 hours.. - the point is to get quicker and more familiar with all the tools, and learn to get as best as possible result in one go, otherwise doing a project for weeks becomes an exercise in frustration (in my example at least) - bottom line, I really feel good doing one project each day, for myself, gives that feeling of completion, and is a small reward in itself, it's almost like a ritual - whatever happens, I have this one thing that makes my day fulfilled

Staff pick for 14th November 2015

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