This is a personal project that I made while my free time. First, this should be just a image, but I told myself if it was more fun if it was animated. I was been inspired by the concept of Zofia Ulman ( go to her tumblr page zuokot.tumblr.com/, or/and follow her on Instagram @zofia.ulman) So this is it! I hope, I'm proud to share it with you, I hope you'll like it!


Concept : Zofia Ulman
Tumblr : zuokot.tumblr.com/
Behance : behance.net/zofiaulman
Instagram : instagram.com/zofia.ulman/


Quasarise by | e s c p | escp-music.bandcamp.com
Music promoted by free-stock-music.com
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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