Young Dylan Dogby Matteo Caruso

Hey guys! it's a little while, but finally I'm here with my last personal work.
I love Dylan Dog and I grew up with him, I think that is a shame don't have a fresh new series about this great character, and I know that lot of you guys are the same about that. So this pece is a proposal for a tv series about the young Dylan Dog before to be Dylan Dog. If Trollhunters taught us somethings is that a good story always pays off.
this time is not a simple fanart but it's more like a supplication to Bonelli and Tiziano Sclavi himself in order to lets this became reality. Is not necessary go outside, here in Italy we have lot of great artists that can create a really huge and amazing Dylan Dog world.
what do you think guys?

special thanks to Stefano Critelli that helps a lot with sculpting, posing etc, and to Christophe Brejon that teach me how to use correctly ACES and Art.... thanks guys!

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