Untitledby Loic Zimmermann

More than less is good here (but it's totally up to you) Your techniques, inspirations, maybe even bio etc all go down well here :) A very quick artwork based on a rejected character proposal for CGworld(UK). I was Zbrushing a lot of variations of a regular superhero. I wanted to make him a bit fat, really massive. Probably a logical influence of the Incredible, tho the style is completely different (more close to Botero's sculptures i guess, excuse the comparison...). The picture was done with a basic occlusion pass, and then colorized in photoshop; a technique that i am using a lot more now, for illustrations purpose with short deadlines. It's good, to focus on the modelling and lighting. Then the 2D comes into the game to turn it into a proper illustration.

Staff pick for 29th January 2006

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