Untitledby Mark Harrison

Software used: Rhino3d, Photoshop, and 3ds Max.
Hardware used: Pentium 400mhz with 128mb, Wacom a4 graphics tablet.

I have seen many renderings of faces that seem to never have any expression to them thus making them look lifeless and dull. I modeled this piece to bring life to the otherwise default pose we sometimes see.
The face was modeled in Rhino3d, which is basically formed from lofted splines and then tweaked using the control points, which was the most time consuming.

Once modeled it was then brought into Max for setup, texturing and rendering. I used a freeware plugin 'texporter' within Max to unwrap the texture and then brought it into Photoshop as a template where I made my textures. I used reflection maps on the tongue to get a wet look and bump maps on the teeth to get highlights.

Currently I freelance but I am creating a couple of other 3d pieces that I hope will impress someone to give me an job in film and TV effects or the games industry.

Copyright 2000

Staff pick for 22nd February 2002

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