The Shooterby Tiago Hoisel

Three years after making my first studies in ZBrush, I decided to go back to study 3d illustration. This is my first finished image in 3ds Max. This is an old concept that I thought it might be a good image to start studying. I've changed the design slightly, making less crazy. I made the model in zbrush using the dynamesh tool that is really interesting. After that, the retopology has been made in 3ds max and rendering using Vray renderer. I am very grateful to the artists Victor Maiorino , Victor Hugo and Pedro Conti who are my teachers! I painted the micro facial hair in photoshop. And the baby food I applied in post production in photoshop as well. Beside the help of Pedro, Victor and Victor, I used as reference for the shader setup the great tutorial of Adam Lewis.

Staff pick for 4th April 2012

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