Waiting for the bus... (Leech Girl)by mastein

This is a personal project i did inspired on a girl i saw on the streets of my town, waiting for the bus. Of course she didn't have the crazy arm, but she had such a cool personality on her pose, clothes and style. I wanted to keep distance from the default horrible "big boobs ultra sexy" stuff that we see all the time... Did a quick sketch as soon as i got home and the idea started to develop by itself. I used this project to finally introduce Substance Painter to my workflow and test the new MarmosetToolbag3 (renders straight out from Marmo3, no post! ). Hope you like it! Higher res, more shots and marmoviewer at : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/38z4o ps: Thanks for all my close buddies for the tips and the support along the way

Staff pick for 24th November 2016

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