'Stub Out An Expensive Habit'by fireantz

This is an illustration I made for Mirage Works.

The title, slogan and idea were created by an anti-smoking campaign in Singapore. The slogan: Why smoke when you can groove to the beat of life?

Everything was done in Maya, except for the cigarettes, dirt-map and smoke. The cigarette was photo matte painted by the client and the dirt-map & smoke was added in Photoshop.

However, this piece is a little different compared with the ones that have been publicised in Singapore.

Here is the photo my friends took for the original piece at Singapore: http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/9905/musicsg02ek8.jpg

Here is the link for wire frame: http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/6169/musicwirexs7.jpg

Staff pick for 23rd April 2008

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