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Hi there...I was in a strong mood for oil painting (on canvas), when I painted this digital piece, so I handled it in a very similar way as I would've done my oils. I even forgot in the middle of the painting process that im sitting infront of my computer, with a pen (wacom tablet), in my hand...:)
I went for suggestions, with casual, spontaneous brushwork, though I kept the setting/environment very traditional/classical. Ive put enough detail
that was required to portray the scene that i had in my mind. My goal here, was to capture various kinds of textures and their look/feel (softness,
hardness, reflective, shiny, glossy) and I really enjoyed doing every bit of it...:) No reference used. This is all self-visualized/composed. All painted in artrage - tablet.

Staff pick for 31st October 2006

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