Andrew Wyeths Younger Fisherman and Doryby Clauser87

Started this project a long time ago and I finally got around to finishing it. Started off as my project for Kris Costas Character Creation course on Visualarium. Due to life things and work I was not able to finish it at that time. Now that I have time I decided to push ahead. This is a dedication to my favorite artist and painter. I took his painting of "Young Fisherman and Dory" and pushed it a little farther like adding a sand ground, shells, and water. Took some elements from some of his other paintings like the style of the boots. Also the background is a quick watercolor picture that I did in photoshop to express his mastering in watercolor. Didn't want to over populate the scenery with other references, so I kept it open which is much like his paintings ironically. I plan on rendering him out later with proper materials,

Staff pick for 1st July 2015

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