The Princess Of The Elvesby AbbasEmadi

Hi friends, this is me recent personal project that i did of Fenghua Zhong concept art. Near to two years ago i saw that concept art on art station site and i really liked to do convert it concept art to 3D and i did it to do. But i did change the face and i think it's better, i don't know, comment with you that it's has good or not! For first one, i did render my project in maya with v.ray, because until now, i did not render with Maya software. i did my previous works with 3d Max rendering. An another thing, that it, that i worked the real hair with Maya Xgen and this is was for first one to me that i created the real hair in render engine. This project was a big challange to me, because, i had to learn a lot things to do this project.And the project lasted two months and 10 days. I'm very happy i did it eventually, i will be glad that i read your comments.

Staff pick for 9th March 2018

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