Untitledby J.S.Bulcao

Made with 3ds Max 8, Mr. Two was created for a taste of an animation. In this animation, my base was a scene film of ?the incredible? ?Disney/Pixar, where the characters ?Syndrome? brilliantly work in a. Dialogue with ?Mr. Incredible?. I particularly think this scene the best sophisticated of film, this is the reason that I choose to try to perform It. In my version, I fantasies my character with a look liked clothes with ?Syndrome?, but, I reversed the ?S? patterned in front of the clothes, Resulting in ?2?. Then I put the name of ?Mr two? (this character was done. Just to tests of animation without interest of trade it). Rendered with HDRdomelight(30 lights) ,03 omni's and one spot light - all whit shadows map. Default scanline renderer.

Staff pick for 3rd June 2006

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