x storm information baseby behnam mirmotahari
x storm information baseby behnam mirmotahari

This project designed on the top of the mountain and it belongs to the lumion international competition exterior designing and rendering .
X storm project is the base for researching about important information’s .
For better accessibility the architect designed a helipad and the watchtower on the top of the main structure for Helicopter landing and 360 degree view and security .
Two concrete wings on the both sides of the project designed for breaking south winds for better function & Aerodynamics.
X storm based on 6 huge concrete columns for better functionality on the high slope site .
the main material used in this project is high quality concrete because of the high resistance in cold weather

Architect : Behnam mirmotahari

3d modeling software : sketchup + plugins

Rendering software : lumion 10.3

Instagram page : @bmarchviz

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