Mech Batman vs Jokerby jakeburstein

My own personal take on futuristic designs of a Mech style Batman and the Joker. I have always wanted to create my own versions of these two characters and had so much fun in the process! This is the final visual product towards completing my MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Elements of the model strayed from my own original concept art, knowing that when I started modeling certain areas might not work out the best as originally conceived. One of the main focuses on this project was to work on balancing Batman's mechanical look with jokers organic aesthetic. Batman was great practice working on different hard surface techniques ranging from low poly modeling in zbrush using zmodeler as well as in Maya. One technique I enjoyed was to rough out certain certain shapes in zbrush, retopologize and use zmodeler to fine tune the asset. Would very much appreciate feedback and hope you all enjoy!

Staff pick for 12th May 2017

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