Untitledby Kutsche

It seems that the world becomes cleaner and cleaner. (Design Architecture...) Despite that the knowledge explodes. Inside our heads gets the chaos control. Inspired by this facts, i wanted to create a picture that got both aspects in it. (the clean surounding and the exploding knowledge inside the heads)

How i?ve created this picture:

I modeled this Head in ZBrush with a wacom tablett. Then i modeled the tripod in 3dsmax. The most difficult part was the lighting and shading. this was done in 3dsmax, too. this picture rendered about 7 hours on 2 P4?s (3Ghz + 1 Ghz) The final resolution is A4 @ 300dpi. You can watch a zoomable highres version on http://www.ak3d.de

Staff pick for 30th October 2005

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