The Valley of Deathby Arturo Gutiérrez

This image, was an extra result of Juan Pablo Roldán's workshop in Blank Atelier, in Bogotá, Colombia. This image was done by bouncing off ideas with various partners and masters, and a mix of taking advice and being stubborn. The ship designs were done traditionally and finished with Modo, than imported to the canvas and apinted over in Photoshop CS3. I love making my custom brushes, and for this particular piece, I created eight brushed that helped with the mechanical patterns and the smoke trails. I enjoyed painting the distant desert floor the most. There is something about gigantic void spaces and structures that fascinates me. Original Size: 4000???2067px Digital Paint & 3D Asset - Photoshop CS6 & Modo Finished on June 29 - 2017

Staff pick for 23rd September 2017

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