Untitledby Marek Denko

After the end of the year 2006, I had more free time to spend than usuall so I started to work on my new personal project. I call it Sunrise of the 80's. It took me about 3 weeks of work, mainly during the nights and creative moments of the short winter days. In the begining it was planned as night street scene but during one week of playing with lighting and testing I reached sunrise once again like in my previous work Street of memories. I hope that people who know these kind of housing estates sceneries will agree with me that they have a particular charm.

I used 3dsmax,Photoshop, Vray and Fusion. All models are done by me except small low polygonal cars in the front of the first house. I used a lot of textures and references from www.environment-textures.com. The price for membership is really ridiculous if you compare it with all those stuffs which you can find there. This is image is dedicated to my wife and all ex-colleagues from 263 films in Milan.

Staff pick for 26th January 2007

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