Cyberpunk Art Toyby Fran Ferriz

In a few months I will be in Santiago de Chile in the exhibition #ArtToyExhibitionChile, in which the group of artists Art Toy Gama Collective we will expose our works, all based on concepts such as retro-futurism, steampunk and cyberpunk, Showing our respective visions about a possible future of humanity, through vinyl toys figures, drawings, illustrations and sculptures. World-class artists will be involved, as Mr. Kat, Cesc Grane, David Pavon Yido, Judas Arrieta, Bulbots Art Toys, Joseto, Eskaramusa, 4D2 Studio, Jake Valentine, Antu Bocca Valenzuela and many more. This is my artwork for the exhibition :)

Staff pick for 12th July 2015

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