The CGI time machine - Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwingby maground

The Hamburg based retouching and postproduction company "Albert Bauer Studios" turned on the time machine and brought us back to the fifties. When girls sported petticoats and Rock'n'Roll hit the streets, Mercedes-Benz pioneered the gull-wing door in its famous 300 SL. Responsible for the perfect landscape photography is the stock photo agency MAGROUND, with it's hi-res backplates for authentic scenery and HDR-dome for a realistic lightning and reflection on the 3D-model. For this set of exceptional 3D renderings, the Coupe was staged in locations from Majorca. To match the look of the era, the concept was to create static images, as it was the preferred style in automotive photography back in the day.

Staff pick for 27th June 2013

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