Orgrim Doomhammerby Felix Wolf
Orgrim Doomhammerby Felix Wolf
Orgrim Doomhammerby Felix Wolf

Hey there. I wanted to share my latest work. It‘s my take on Orgrim Doomhammer that i worked on in my spare time. It started out as a generic orcish lunchcrunch sculpt and when I looked at it in the evening I thought „thats not how an orc looks!“ so I decided to continue and gathered some reference. I chose Orgrim (inspired by the WoW Movie and ILMs work) because he had a lot of hair/fur and I never really did proper grooming for my characters and I wanted to get into that. I the near future I want to add an environment / mattepainting so that the image feels more complete and has context. But for now he and I have to rest a little
For the technical part: I used Zbrush and Maya for modeling, Ornatrix for the Hair, Substance Painter & Mari for Texturing and the render was done with Redshift in Maya.
I hope you like the result. Thanks

Staff pick for 18th May 2019

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