#04 - Charmanderby Vinicius Paciello

Hi folks. This is a tribute to the #04 - Charmander card, done by Mitsuhiro Arita. Had tried this one a long time ago, but it was pretty crappy, so I remodeled the pokemon with a new mindset months ago then 2 weeks before I decided to work and finish it. Could be faster but these simulations were quite painful to work since I'm no simulation guy.
Did everything in this scene: modelling, rigging + posing + blendshapes for refining, shading, simulating and rendering.
Rendering this cute mutherfucker took me 30 hours in a Ryzen 1800X with 64GB of RAM at 4k res, mainly because of the heavy bokehs and and lots of VDB usage. Hope you like it.

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