Gollum - The Keeper of the One Ringby ClaudioTumiati

Here's my attempt to portray Gollum, one of the most fascinating characters ever written by Tolkien. Just like many other artists in this industry The lord of The Rings had a huge impact on my childood and it was definitely the main reason why I became an artist, so when I found this concept made by Carlos Amaral of a new design for this character I instantly fell in love with it. I then decided to add a personal twist to the pose and enviorment in order to make it work as a 3D Illustration and got inspired by official 3D miniatures from Weta. Everything from the environment to the eyes was made in Zbrush by hand and no scans were used.
I also want to thank Alberto Casu for helping me out for the layout of the environment and for some very uselful feedback
Hope you like it!
Concept from the great Carlos Amaral

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