Magnificent bedroom in goldby Archviz.Studio

The bedroom is golden. The warm color of the shades is perfect with the light tones. The stylish combination of wood laminate with the golden background of the bedroom White embossed ceiling favorably sets off the range of colors and makes the atmosphere more luxurious.
The main element of the interior is the bed with gilded details. They add more comfort and romance to the bedroom. A gilded bedspread complements the luxurious look of the composition. White bedside tables, decorated with gilding, accentuate and dilute the design of the room. The rich textures of textiles look great in curtains, sofa upholstery.
A crystal chandelier has the function of not only lighting, but also as a decorative element. It adds lightness to a rich interior. In addition, table lamps illuminate the bed area, making the atmosphere muted and cozy. Completing the overall stylistics of the canvas with gilded floral patterns.

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