"DATA 96 : Espacial" Álbum "Enter Data: "

The creation of the Music Video "Espacial" was a great opportunity for me to explore lots of new techniques of the 3d animation workflow. At the same time it tought me a lot about how to tackle such a large project with very limited resources.

Morfeo is an ecuadorian band that had a really cool vision of the look and feel for the video. Along with our team at BOT Animation, we were able to produce a one of a kind Visual experience for the local music scene.

Hope you enjoy! Make sure to get the song one the links bellow.

Production Credits:
Produced by BOT Animation.
Script: Carlos Ibanez.
CG Supervisor: Jorge Baldeón.
Concept Art: Josh Matamoros.
Shooting Board: Valeria Galarza.
3D Animation: Xavier Arteaga.
FX: Luis Falconí / Jorge Baldeón.
Motion Graphics: Xavier Arteaga.
3D Assets Modeling: Luis Falconí/ Jorge Baldeón/ Oswaldo Sabando.

Band Info:
Carlos Bohórquez: Guitar, Vocals.
Roberto Bernous: Guitar, Synths.
Enrique Bernous: Bass, Synths, Sequencer.
Alberto Rizzone: Drum, Sequencer.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2yp7GXQ
Itunes : https://apple.co/2Tv6JVi...
All Platforms: https://songwhip.com/mor...

III0RF30 2020.

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