Spacious  living roomby Archviz.Studio

A spacious laconic living room for those who like to impress. Lot of open space and minimal decor. The background walls are warm, neutral. Parquet was chosen for finishing the floor.
Furniture for the living room of an unusual streamlined shape. The snow-white color of the sofa looks elegant and refreshes the interior.
A built-in electric fireplace adds coziness and comfort. It is specially highlighted by a marbled wall. It is of a much simpler design than an ordinary fireplace. The decorative effect of simulating flame is an interesting solution in the decor. The large panoramic windows offer a magnificent view. The neutral palette of the interior does not distract attention from the landscape.The decoration consists of a picture of the abstract type and cactus in pots.
They emphasize the distinctive style of living room design. Built-in light bulbs in the ceiling perfectly illuminate the space. Laconic lamps are used to illuminate functional areas.

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