Untitledby Fredrik Alfredsson

The little girl wakes up from another bad dream; the worst one yet. It's one minute to midnight and something ain't right. She can feel it - this dream was different. Quiet as a mouse she grabs her Teddy and sneaks out into the hallway. The comfort of her parents' bed still seems far away on the second floor. Before reaching the stairs, she stops in her steps, petrified. She heard something. Something in the house, something that shouldn't be. Terrified, she slowly turns around while tightening the grip of her Teddy. The closet door slowly opens with a low creaking sound that sends shivers down her spine.

Modelled and rendered with Lightwave 3D. Textures and tons of post work done in Photoshop.
Don't hesitate to take a closer look since the image is filled with subtle spooky details that are hard to notice at first.

Staff pick for 2nd February 2006

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