Untitledby Banshee

This is one of my latest models that I constructed in my spare time in the evenings. Inspired by several artists and movies (especially Dave Wilson?s work, Star wars and - believe it or not - the Pixar lamp) I started to build this robot in 3DMax. The final version actually looks a lot different than I first imagined it - it was planned as a walking or even jumping unit with 1 or 2 legs but then I decided to construct it in a more realistic way. It?s still got one leg, the whole lower part can be detached from the model and it?s got kind of a jumping-foot. Some technical facts: About 1,9 Million faces + additional 70.000 faces of procedural geometry (Displacement), 147 different materialvariations. Rendered on a Athlon XP 2600 with 1 GB Ram and the 3 GB-switch activated (without it, there wouldn?t have been any chance to render the picture in one go.) It took me app. 2 weeks to model it (some hours per evening), 1 week for the materials, the lighting and the rigging and some days for endless test-renderings

Staff pick for 5th June 2005

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