Medic Bramble MK2by Gustavo Groppo

Hi artists!
This is my new artwork. I got inspired on Ashley Woods World War robots paintings and toys and decided to make it realistic in 3d, in this case the Medic Bramble MK2. I tried to keep the original forms but adding some details created by me to give it a real sense of scale.
The work was full modeled and rendered in 3dsMax/Vray. This was my first attempt to texture using Mari and substance painter. It was a good experiment to see how they can complement each other. Most of the masks were done manually in Mari using stencils created by me and in Substance I created masks as a first pass to give me some good coverage before painting. Later this week I will post here one brief step by step of the texturing process for each software as well as some screenshots of the textures.
I hope you guys like it!

Staff pick for 18th December 2018

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