Middle Earth: Market in Minas Tirithby metrocubicodigital

"Market in Minas Tirith"
Gandalf rests seated, thinking... while Faramir goes to a suicide battle in Osgiliath.
Full cgi by @jacintomvmonteiro @metrocubicodigital
Big work in progress which includes all Minas Tirith.
About Battle-for-Middle-Earth Reforged:
Great project. Team of +30 fans worldwide trying to recreate a famous Real-Time-Strategy game, made by Electronic Arts in 2004, called Battle-for-Middle-Earth.
Check www.bfmereforged.org
Bfme1 converted to Unreal4 with 4k resolution.
Minas Tirith project:
I decided to challenge myself and help the BFME Reforged Team.
Responsible for a Gondor part: Minas Tirith and surroundings.
Talented Brahim Halawani @ravel.cg joined this "quest" too with me.
I am sure Reforged will be the best RTS game ever!
Dont miss it :)
Wall paper. Full hi res image free download:
3DS MAX + CoronaRender

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