Tribe Parade THU 2015by Patrick Evrard

This is the final image for my Trojan Horse was an Unicorn challenge. The main theme was tribes this year. Here is a bit about the concept: When I think of tribes I think of being proud. This was my starting point. I didn't want it to be too serious so I thought I would go for a cartoony-style. A silly face alone wouldnt do the trick though so I went online looking for inspiration on the THU page. Which I found in a comment of a photo. The photo showed a few speakers of the previous THU just sitting at a table in the sun. The comment was that they were all masters in different skills and styles. this inspired me because this is what I also like about challenges: People with different skills and styles come together to join a challenge. This is what I wanted to represent in this picture. Different kind of people travelling along on the same journey leading eventually to the festival and by doing so creating a tribe on its own. The different type of characters represent the different styles. The whole tribe is a happy parade. All a long the way they are being seen by different anonymous spectators. The yellow fireflies-men which are the online spectators following the challenge. I hope this makes sense :) check out my site for some clay renders a deleted characters :(

Staff pick for 4th June 2015

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