Super Hero - Humane !by Indranil Ghosh
Super Hero - Humane !by Indranil Ghosh
Super Hero - Humane !by Indranil Ghosh

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In pursuit of depicting the magnanimity of a super hero, there’s nothing at this stage that could personify it better in the earth which is reeling due to the telling blows of Covid-19 can be the special human being, the special human being, the best gift of mankind himself. The biggest massacre in the recent history that has not only put a halt in daily life of a civilian but could potentially annihilate the entire civilization was relentlessly challenged by a group of professionals who selflessly served and saved the earth from obliteration. Hence, there is no point for guessing who my superhero is, it’s a mix of doctor, cop, cleaner and the delivery boy who help us stay safe, stay at home and deal with the situation from the grasp of the pandemic evil and instilling the feeling day in and day out that WE SHALL OVERCOME !!

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