Win the sixth roadby

Time consuming: 120 hours. Design explanation: Based on a piece of Intelligence, a unit of the Resistance Amy are getting ready to strengthen the fortifications of the sixth road; the 24th division of the Union Army are ordered to attack the sixth road immediately, to clear and eliminate the Resistance Amy of this area. This division just equipped new multi-purpose fighters with Superior mobility and super-powerful weapons. Furthermore, this division is experienced; soldiers are all battle-scarred. Let’s bless these soldiers to have a good start on the narrow sixth road. Brief: The designer drafts the scene graph of the atmosphere according to the design description: it needs to express precisely that battle is ready to begin; design the sixth road filling with a large number of ruins, the new multi-purpose fighters and the soldiers. Software Used: Autodesk 3ds Max 9.0, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Extension Manager CS4. Hardware: Wacom Intuos3 Digital Graphics Tablet.

Staff pick for 22nd September 2009

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