I wanted a project that would test out Modo’s ability to handle less than ideal models, in this case, imported from the lego database, then modified and uv’d. Then test the substance to modo bridge to easily move between the programs with ease. Before seeing just how hard I could push Vray for modo with my new GPU set up.
I have had my mind blown by how easy it has been to complete this project, and just how much abuse the tools have been able to handle without failing. Outside of individually animating all 1219 individual pieces, there were no bottlenecks in creating the final output. Rendering out a total of 3585 frames at 2k would have never even crossed my mind before this!
Come and check out other socials if you would like to see more of this project or others I have been working on. Also, feel free to send me a job offer if you have one :p

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