New collaboration personal project with :
- Ahmed Shalaby ( Rig-Muscle system ) .
- Ahmed Abugabal ( Animator ) , .
- All other aspects Basem Magdy Shenouda .
Used Xgen Groomable splines for the grooming and Maya muscle for the muscle system .
Though i don't consider this as a project it was more like a journey, because it enabled me to work with new people that i never worked with before and try and acquire new skills that i never had .
In which i should give special thanks to :
Tarkan Sarim, i am one of his Patreons which helped me alot , and also he helped me with debugging alot of stuff in maya .
Abhishek Karmakar, some CFX and dynamics troubleshooting .
Ahmed Salim, helping me out with the blendshapes .
Antone Magdy,extracting weird maps for help with the texturing smiling_face .
Hazem Magdy, debugging and writing some scripts .
Mohamed Alaa, extracting animated Vector displacement maps .
Thanks .

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